Am I experiencing violence?

This interactive questionnaire will help you to reflect on your relationship.
Does your partner or ex-partner…

Damage your self-image by demeaning you, insulting you, or ridiculing your decisions?

Raise their voice or swear to impose their opinion or perspective?

Have a negative attitude towards your loved ones (friends, family members, colleagues) and/or make it difficult for you to stay in contact with them?

Control aspects of your professional life or use financial arguments to force you to make decisions?

Force you to share your passwords and/ or track your location?

Insist on reading your private messages or read them without your consent?

Is he brutal, is he rough, throw or break objects or punch holes in the wall in your presence?

Follow you, spy on you or turn up at certain locations (your workplace, when meeting friends, school) even if they weren’t invited?

Refuse to leave, even when you ask them to?

Constantly blame you for the difficulties in your relationship?

Threaten to commit suicide if you leave them or cut ties with them?

Control your finances and demand that you justify every expense?

Put pressure on you, blackmail or manipulate you into having sex with them?

Ridicule your spiritual/religious beliefs, prevent you from practicing your faith or force you to embrace their beliefs?

Question your perceptions and/or your sanity?

Manifest jealousy and/or accuse you of cheating?

Threaten to leave you or cheat on you?

Trigger negative emotions (fear, sadness, anger, guilt, shame) and then blame you for being emotional?

Make (direct or indirect) threats to hurt or kill you?

Force you to participate in certain sexual activity or practices that you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable with ?

Lie to police officers, social workers or court officials or threaten to do so?

Fail to respect court orders and judgments?