Frequently asked questions


L’Ombre-Elle offers short-term accommodation. Everyone is free to choose how long they wish to stay, based on their process and journey. Every week, our counsellors work with you on evaluating your needs.


L’Ombre-Elle offers a shared living environment. You’ll have your own room, but will share common spaces such as a living room and kitchen with other residents and their children. A team of counsellors provide round-the-clock services so you can benefit from support at every stage of your journey.


No. Each woman or family has their own room and bathroom.


If you’d like to request accommodation, you must first contact the intervention services line. We will check whether a space is available and take the time to evaluate your situation and needs.


Yes. If you’d like to stay in our accommodation, contact us and we’ll arrange transportation.


Yes. L’Ombre-Elle was renovated to meet the needs of women and children with a handicap or limitations. In particular, the building is accessible for people with reduced mobility and two rooms have been adapted. Feel free to contact us to find out more.


Yes. Violence can often persist after a separation and every family member (women and children) suffers the consequences. Contact us and we’ll take the time to assess your situation and your needs.


No. You don’t have to file a complaint. This decision and the decision to leave or not is entirely yours. We respect your pace and your needs and we’re here to support you throughout your process, regardless of your choices. 


There is no cost. All the services that we offer are free of charge. Accommodation and meals for you and your children are all provided free of charge.


No, unfortunately. You cannot bring a pet to the accommodation. A close friend or family member may be able to take care of your pet during your stay. However, we accept service dogs and guide dogs.


Yes, of course. There are many different forms of domestic violence: coercive control, psychological violence, economic violence, sexual violence, spiritual violence, verbal violence, social violence, and physical violence. In reality, most of the women to whom we provide accommodation were not physically assaulted by their partner.


No, unfortunately. In order to protect the confidentiality and safety of the house and its residents, you cannot invite guests. However, the counsellors can provide a list of safe nearby locations where you can meet your loved ones. We have a similar approach to transportation. Only taxi drivers and authorized professionals may transport you to and from the house.


Yes. The services that we offer are all focused on ensuring your safety. As a result, certain measures are in place for when you leave to go to work or school, take your children to school or carry out daily activities, but you can get on with your day as usual. Don’t forget that you’re free to bring your stay to an end and leave at any time.