L’Ombre-Elle offers…

Help for all women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Do you think you’re in a relationship with a controlling partner? We’re here for you. We can support and guide you.

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Confidential and free

We offer various services for women and children living in a context of domestic violence and coercive control.

I’ve spotted warning signs

You feel that something’s not right in your relationship or a loved one’s relationship.

I need help

You need support to understand your intimate partner violent relationship.

I’m preparing to leave

It’s important to be prepared, we are here to accompany you through this process.

Emergency accommodation

You’re experiencing difficulties in a relationship with a controlling partner.

Whether if you’re in a relationship or separated, L’Ombre-Elle can offer you a safe and caring living environment where you’ll have the time to reorganize your life.

Safe transitional accommodation

Specialized services in post-separation domestic violence

The Lucille Milord House will be made up of several safe transitional living quarters, where women and children who are victims of post-separation domestic violence can find help. Our medium to long-term accommodation is affordable so, regardless of your income, you can benefit from an array of services.

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Un toit pour toutes les femmes et les enfants victimes de violence conjugale et de contrôle coercitif.


Приют для женщин и детей, спасающихся от домашнего насилия и подавления.


دار لاستقبال النساء والأطفال ضحايا العنف الأسري وسلطة الإكراه.


Te tshetshi etshi nishkatassiinuuwin etshi ashkutuwashishkatassinishkut auutiiimuu ushipâuâhtakushauwshishkanit.


Apinakwahkik anokatek kâ kiwìt wâhkohtamihkikwak anokatêk anicinâpisìwât ôma kîkway.


Mekut awa nitakosin kau kiskinwahkwan awa uskinakw.


Tshetshi takuanlit tshe tatau ishkueuat kie auassat ka nekatshiakanitau kie ka aikamiakanitau tshetshi tutakau tshekuanlu.


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