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“I experienced violence from my spouse and my children were there sometimes. I don’t recognize them anymore and that worries me. “

“I’m thinking of asking for accommodations. I was told about youth workers. What does it mean? I wonder how it will be. I’m afraid I’m going to be judged or blamed.”

“My partner has often told me that I am a bad mother … I am beginning to believe that he is right. I find it difficult dealing with my children because they don’t listen to me anymore.”

Youth Services

Domestic abuse has several consequences and your children may react. This could also have an impact on your own sense of competence, as well as on the way you see yourself as a mother. Domestic abuse can also affect your bond and your role with your children. Whatever your situation may be, L’Ombre-Elles team is here to support you.

Our goals are:

  • To reduce the impact of domestic violence on your children;
  • To improve communication and the relationship that you have with them;
  • To promote the recovery of power for both you and your children;
  • To help you reclaim your autonomy and your sense of competence as a mother;
  • To have a protective environment for you and your children;
  • To help you create a protective environment where you and your children feel safe.

We will never take your place as a mother or that of an educator with your child. Youth workers are there to support you without judgment, while respecting YOUR rhythm, YOUR needs and YOUR parental authority. We work with transparency, so we will always be honest and frank with you. For us, openness, trust and respect are important values, so we wish to work in alliance with you.

We can assist you with certain steps related to the violence you have experienced. You do not need to stay with us to obtain help from a youth worker. We can offer support over the phone or schedule a meeting in person.

Please don’t hesitate to call us. We are here for you and your children and would be pleased to provide you with more information.