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Questions and Answers

  • How long can i stay at L’Ombre-Elle?

    There is no defined period of time. The staff will regularly review your needs and procedures with you.

  • How do accommodations at L’Ombre-Elle work?

    L’Ombre-Elle has a community style of environment. You will have your own room for you and your children if you have any. There are common areas such as the kitchen, living room, games room and bathrooms which you will share with other women.

  • What should i bring with me to L’Ombre-Elle?

    Without putting yourself in any danger and if it is possible for you to prepare for your departure, we suggest that you bring: your passport, social insurance card, your health insurance card (and your children’s), your birth certificate (and your children’s). You can find a more complete list under the “protection plan” tab. Otherwise, we will discuss how to get your important documents back. Upon your arrival we will assist you with the basic necessities.

  • If he doesn’t hit me, can i still be experiencing domestic violence?
    Yes, because domestic violence takes different forms such as: physical violence, verbal violence, psychological violence, sexual violence and economic violence.

  • Will i be safe at L’Ombre-Elle?

    Yes, because we have different means of protection and security for the house, the address of the house is confidential.

  • If i am not ready to voice a complaint (press charges against my abuser), can i still stay at L’Ombre-Elle?

    Yes, we respect your decisions and your desired pace.

  • What is the legal process to voice a complaint?
  • Can i terminate my lease?
    Yes, under specific conditions, a victim of conjugal violence can request the termination of a lease. Here is a link that will provide you with the necessary information:

  • If i don’t want to stay at L’Ombre-Elle, can i still receive help?

    Yes, certainly. We offer telephone service, external meetings at different points of service and also provide you with support in your efforts.