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Protection Plan

If you think your spouse or ex-partner may be violent (and that your security is at risk and you don’t feel safe), here are a few things that you can do in advance:

1. Keep a suitcase or bag in a place where you can access it quickly and easily. It would be useful to include the following items:

  • A duplicate of your apartment/house keys and your car keys;
  • Money to take a taxi;
  • Your important documents: passports, social insurance cards, birth certificates (yours and your childrens’);
  • Your driving license;
  • Your health insurance card;
  • Your bank statements, checks, credit cards and documents related to mortgage or other bank loans or insurance papers;
  • Your lease, your title deeds.

If this is impossible, then we will explain how to gather your important documents with you during your stay.

2. You can prepare a protection plan with your children. For example, ask them to seek refuge with your neighbors and teach them how to call 911 in an emergency situation. You can also contact us to plan other scenarios.