Prevention and Awareness Service

“I would like to educate my students about violence that occurs in romantic relationships …”

“I know a few students whose lives are controlled by their boyfriend. I would like to offer them some tools so that they will know the difference between a regular couple’s argument and domestic violence …”

“I need a power balance prevention approach for my school …”

Since L’Ombre-Elle also has a mission regarding social change, a prevention worker is there specifically to respond to this type of request. We offer prevention approach guidelines such as “Let’s plug into power relationships” which targets elementary school students to focus on preventing domestic violence. It is also possible to create a program tailored to your own prevention needs. Whether it’s for a single meeting, or to create a discussion group, simply contact the prevention worker directly at L’Ombre-Elle.

L’Ombre-Elle Phone: 819 326-1321

SOS Domestic violence: 1 800 363-9010