Our Mission

L’Ombre-Elle offers help and accommodation to women with or without children who are victims of domestic abuse. We wish to denounce and prevent spousal violence in all its forms and raise awareness of individual and social consequences of domestic violence.

There is no excuse or justification for violence. Whatever form it takes, it is always a violation of women’s integrity and rights.

Domestic abuse has devastating consequences: loss of self-esteem, isolation, shame, guilt, stress, anxiety, insomnia…

Domestic abuse concerns everyone. It is a real social issue!

Women have the right to live their life WITHOUT violence.

Domestic abuse is not a loss of control, but rather domination of another person.

Our Objectives as a Shelter for Domestic Abuse

Our organization meets the following objectives:

  • To help women empower their own lives;
  • To promote the autonomy of women;
  • To break isolation;
  • To inform women of their rights;
  • To denounce and prevent all forms of domestic abuse;
  • To raise public awareness of the individual and social consequences of domestic abuse.

Our basis of intervention: the feminist approach

The essence of who we are stems from the feminist approach. This is to say, we believe that domestic violence is a social problem, not an individual one, which has its source in historically unbalanced relationships between men and women. There is a strategic control by the man over the woman.

In order to support women to regain their power, while maintaining equal relationships with them, our interventions are based upon the following principles:

  • That women and children are not responsible for the violence suffered;
  • That women have the right to autonomy, respect and freedom;
  • That women have the potential and skills to make decisions that are in their own best interest;
  • That women regain power over their lives through solidarity between women, equal relationships and the defense of their rights;
  • That individual change is integral for social change.

The results are respect, honesty, skills and know-how, as well as demonstrating a sincere interest in women. We consider that our mission is to support women and children to find their own solutions and to regain power over their lives. We are working to reduce womens’ feelings of guilt, while raising their awareness of freedom of choice.

L’Ombre-Elle Phone: 819 326-1321

SOS Domestic violence: 1 800 363-9010