Is my relationship healthy?

This interactive questionnaire will help you reflect on your relationship.

I fear and anticipate my partner’s reactions.

My boyfriend/girlfriend always wants to know what I’m doing, where I’m going, and who with. I feel like I have to constantly justify my actions.

They threaten to commit suicide if I break up with them.

The way that my boyfriend/girlfriend reacts influences what I wear and how I style my hair.

I put aside my own hobbies and activities when they ask me to spend time with them.

When my boyfriend/girlfriend gets angry, they insult me or demean me.

Since I started dating my boyfriend/girlfriend, I’ve spent less time with my friends.

I avoid sharing my opinion and expressing my needs and emotions because I’m afraid of making them angry.

Whenever we disagree, they always tell me it’s my fault.

I’m afraid that they’ll take revenge and sulk, ignore me or break my belongings if I don’t do what they want.

My boyfriend/girlfriend puts pressure on me to have sex with them even when I don’t want to and I feel obliged to accept. If I refuse, I feel there will be consequences and they’ll get angry and find someone else.

My boyfriend/girlfriend sometimes hurts me when they push or shove me, hold me too tight or hit me.

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