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External services

Individual meetings

A worker is available to provide individual meetings with women who do not require accommodations, or women in post-accommodation. At the heart of the recovery of women’s empowerment over their own lives, our staff offers support, information, referrals and other types of support during the process.

“I’m thinking of leaving my partner, where do I start?”

“I left my partner three years ago, but he always takes the opportunity to harass me every single time we exchange the children …”


Recovery Group

The recovery group workshop is a 15-week post-separation process. This workshop allows participants to identify the consequences that domestic violence has in their lives and reduces its impact through solidarity between women. It is a group of women who wish to break away from the cycle of helplessness, which can paralyze women in all aspects of their lives: with their children, family and friends, at work and within a new  relationship, etc…