At the Heart of our Interventions

All the staff at L’Ombre-Elle hold the same values ​​to guide our actions and discussions, both with the women and children we meet and also with each other. These values provide a strong foundation for our interactions, our reflections and our decisions, similar to a beacon in the midst of a storm.

These values ​​help us to provide the best way to work with you.

The Egalitarian Report:

This means that all of us consider ourselves as being equal. We will not use our differences to wield power over others or you. In addition, the staff at L’Ombre-Elle will not position themselves as “experts”, but rather as women who wish to share their analysis and their vision regarding domestic violence.

The Alliance:

We wish to develop a bond of mutual trust to guide you to regain your power. We are concerned and have your best interest at heart.


This means that you can rest assured that we will always be honest with you.


We encourage the development of teamwork and support between ourselves and other women who benefit from our services. As women, we share similar experiences which allow us to ally ourselves and share our voices.

The respect:

This represents the deep esteem that we hold for the women who benefit from our services, beyond whatever they may say, may do or whoever they are. We will always take you into consideration.


We would like you to experience a supportive environment rather than one of competition and performance. So, the rules are: no secrets, no lies, no power games, no rescues; these rules will be explained to you in fuller detail during your stay with us.


We believe in your potential and would like you to develop and regain your personal power by making your own decisions in order to be responsible for your own life.

L’Ombre-Elle Phone: 819 326-1321

SOS Domestic violence: 1 800 363-9010